Medical Coatings & Medical Devices

Our coating was developed at Harvard Medical School, tested in pigs, uses no silver/copper or antibiotics, and is patented. (Published in Nature Biotech.) Our surface chemistry scientific team has worked together for 5 years and is world-renowned for hydrophobic and superhydrophobic surface chemistry. 

Fundamentally, this coating prevents the formation of biofilms and prevents thrombosis, which are responsible for the vast majority of hospital aquired infections. The coating is extensible and has been successfully tested in arterial shunts and central venous catheters as well. In addition, we see opportunities to fix the notorious thrombosis issues with Ventricular Assist Devices and extracorporeal circuits, and biofilm issues with bronchoscopes.

FreeFlow Medical Devices, LLC is employing a coating which seeks to eliminate the formation of biofilms and the initiation of thrombosis on the surfaces of medical devices. To accomplish this goal, we are developing our own devices and partnering with existing medical device companies.